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Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


MontbeillardHistorical background

The topographical name 'Saint-Augustin-de-Montbeillard' was chosen in honor of Captain François de Montbeillard, Royal Roussillon Regiment Officer serving the army of the Marquis de Montcalm.

On their arrival to Rouyn-Noranda in 1932, the unemployed persons who had travelled all the way from southern regions of Quebec by train were taken to Solitaire River via the road known as chemin Perreault. About thirty men, driven by the hope to find fertile lands, walked back northwards along the same road and settled in the Montbeillard district despite the opposition of the inspector, who had been given the task to keep the newcomers together to found the parish of Rollet.

From the early years of colonization to the late 1960s, farming – especially milk production – was the main economic activity in Montbeillard. The Coopérative de la beurrerie, established in 1940, brought a brief episode of economic growth to the farmers of Montbeillard and the five neighboring parishes that participated in the project; but after four years of operation, the creamery burned down under the disappointed eyes of the farmers.

Over the same period and until the late 1970s, five sawmills followed one another in the parish. In addition to providing jobs to a fair number of men at the sawmill, some independent contractors operated winter logging sites. Many men worked at their sites or the CIP’s. The lumber of the independent contractors was sold at Thibault et frères, Rouyn, and at Tremblay et frères, Évain. Montbeillard had several small owner-operated businesses in those years, including workshops specializing in the making of mops and cedar shingles and in offering taxidermy services. Blueberry picking brought a few years of prosperity to Montbeillard in the 1960s.

In March 1980, the first municipal council was sworn in, and the parish of Saint-Augustin became the Municipality of Montbeillard. In 2001, Montbeillard had a population of 742 people.

In 2002, following the amalgamation of all the municipalities of the MRC, Montbeillard became a neighborhood of Ville de Rouyn-Noranda.

Montbeillard now has a population of some 800 inhabitants who enjoy close proximity to magnificent Opasatica Lake and awe-inspiring Mount Kanasuta.

Area description

The center of Montbeillard is situated 38 km southeast of the urban core of Rouyn-Noranda. The predominant geographical feature of this neighborhood is without a doubt Lake Opasatica, also known as Lake Long. Two thirds of the houses found in Montbeillard stand on the banks of this body of water. Although there are few housing accommodations in the heart of Montbeillard, this is where the services to the population (school, community center, library, CLSC) are provided and businesses are operated. This neighborhood can rely on many volunteer workers to keep its community life alive.

Most residents of Montbeillard commute to Rouyn-Noranda to work. The Montbeillard neighborhood is right at the heart of the western district, which also includes Arntfield and Rollet. Resort activities in Montbeillard, in like manner as Arntfield, are of significant importance: 50% of resort properties in Rouyn-Noranda are situated in this district. Highway 101 constitutes the road link between these three neighborhoods. The majority of the western district residents travel on this road and pass through the village of Arntfield.

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